Alere Brands:
• Alere™ Pima™ CD4 Analyser 
• Acceava® 
• Alere Home Monitoring 
• AtheNA Multi-Lyte® Test System 
• BinaxNOW® 
• Cholestech LDX® 
• Clearview® 
• Determine® 
• DoubleCheckGold™ 
• Epocal epoc® 
• iCup® 
• ImmunoComb® 
• INRatio® 
• Inverness Medical TestPack® 
• NMP22® BladderChek® 
• Osteomark® 
• Panbio® 
• SureStep™ 
• Triage® 
• Wampole®
You may find the details: http://www.alere.com


BinaxNOW® - Medical professionals around the world use BinaxNOW® rapid in vitro diagnostic tests to identify the causative pathogens of infectious diseases. The company’s technologies detect bacteria and viruses causing upper and lower respiratory tract infections, including Legionnaires disease, pneumonia, RSV and influenza, as well as pathogens causing filariasis and malaria. Rapid and accurate test results provide the foundation for pathogen-specific diagnosis, facilitating optimal patient management and infection control practices. 
For more information you may check: http://www.binaxnow.com/default.aspx

Alere Medical Co. (Japan) - Manufacturer of HIV Combo - IV Generation Rapid Test Kits, which detects more acute infections compared to 2nd and 3rd generation tests. This helps close the window period and enables increased case finding at a time when individuals are highly infectious. You may find the details: https://www.alere.com/en/home/product-details/alere-hiv-combo.html


DRG-International Inc. (U.S.A.) is a multinational specialty clinical diagnostics and medical equipment manufacturer and distributor with successful operations in over 110 countries. The company focuses on high technology medical specialty areas such as Endocrinology, Immunology, Gynecology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, R&D Products, and IVF procedures, among others.
For more information you may check: http://www.drg-international.com



IBL-international GmbH (Germany) – Offers the test for the determination of auto antibodies directed to acetylcholine receptors which is used for the diagnosis and follow-up of Myasthenia gravis. With the diagnostic tests for neurotransmitters, catecholamines and other biogenic amines IBL holds a leading position in a special business area. The quantitative determination of saliva steroids, in luminescence as well as ELISA technology, allows an easy, non-invasive sampling compared to the conventional serum assays. Furthermore, IBL offers a broad range on field of infectious diseases. Especially, the special diagnostics for Hantavirus, FSME, Borrelia and EBV are in focus. The IBL Neopterin ELISA has proven to be an effective instrument for screening blood donations for viral contaminations.
You may find the details: http://www.ibl-international.com




Orgentec GmbH (Germany) – The company has been a world market leader in the development, production, and marketing of test systems for autoimmune diagnostics. ORGENTEC has developed more than 150 highly specific ELISA test systems, as well as blot and immunofluorescence tests. Many of these are protected by patent rights. 
For more information you may check: http://www.orgentec.com




R-Biopharm AG (Germany) – Working in the fields of clinical diagnostics and food and feed analysis, R-Biopharm employs its innovative and reliable products to develop pioneering solutions for successful worldwide distribution. 
You may find the details: http://r-biopharm.com




Medipan GmbH (Germany) – The goal of MEDIPAN is the development, manufacturing and distribution of radioactive and nonradioactive in vitro diagnostic tests, covering the fields of autoimmunity. Based on experience and well established reputation in the field of thyroid diseases, MEDIPAN focuses on the following areas: Thyroid disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Systemic rheumatic diseases.
For more information you may check: http://www.medipan.de


GA Generic Assays (Germany) is a privately owned company manufacturing and distributing diagnostic test kits focusing on autoimmune diseases. GA is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2003. The company's aim is to provide high quality diagnostic tools to meet the ever-growing demand for affordable tests. The details can be found http://www.genericassays.com/



Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes srl develops & manufactures high quality in-vitro immunoassays for the diagnosis of infectious diseases (Viral Hepatitis, Torch Panel, Serology, Retroviruses, Autoimmunity) for "Elisa" & RealTime PCR.

Products are manufactured in strict accordance to the certified procedures of the AEMPS N°0318 Notified Body, in full compliance with the European Directive 98/79/CE for in-vitro Diagnostic Devices (IVDD), ISO 13485:2003 and other International Standards of Excellence.

You may find the presentation of the company: http://Irise.com.ge/uploads/files/1812Company Presentation DIA.PRO.rar. For the details please be so kind to check our the web page: http://www.diapro.it/



B.R.A.H.M.S. GmbH (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific/Germany) – explores, develops and produces new diagnostic test procedures to improve the diagnosis, and thereby the treatment, of life-threatening illnesses. The products of the company reach customers in over 65 countries around the world and are leaders in their specialized markets.
You may find the details: http://www.brahms.de




Bioactiva diagnostica GmbH (Germany) - As a whole supplier of in-vitro diagnostics, lab-ware, and medical equipments, BIOACTIVA engaged in the Middle East as well as in selected other areas. The company has exclusive agreements with leading European, American and Asian manufacturers and can offer moderately priced and high quality products to the customers. 
For more information you may check: http://www.bioactiva.com/index.html



SACACE develops, manufactures and sells through distributors more than 140 complete kits for human, veterinary and food diagnostics. These kits include all the reagents for nucleic acid extraction, amplification (PCR or RT-PCR) of specific region and detection of the amplified products. High specificity, exquisite sensitivity, very high stability and reproducibility associated with competitive prices are characteristic of all these products. More details can be found: http://www.sacace.com/

Nuclear Laser Medicine S.R.L.  catalogue is divided in different lists accordingly to the applied technologies as Real Time, Reverse Dot blot on Strip and Gel Electrophoresis. A further subdivision was made to distinguish those tests dedicated to the Infectious diseases from those dedicated to the Genetic diseases. Please download our International Catalogue for more detailed information about the products. The details can be checked our on web: http://www.nlm.it/Default.aspx?LNG=2096


Fast-track Diagnostics specialises in the design, development and manufacture of infectious disease detection kits that use Real Time PCR. The assays are validated on clinical samples and detect a comprehensive range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites; they are in routine daily use in over 100 laboratories worldwide. The company has a commitment to research and diagnostic laboratories in the emerging world and our kits are used by the GABRIEL network, for projects funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded PERCH project. More details can be ckecked: http://www.fast-trackdiagnostics.com




Institut VirionSerion GmbH (Germany) – With 30 years of experience in developing in vitro diagnostics Institut VirionSerion GmbH is a reliable partner. The company supplies high-quality test systems for the diagnosis of infectious diseases worldwide and is continuously increasing the quality of diagnostic methods. 
You may find the details: http://www.virion-serion.de


Fuller Laboratories develops both clinical and veterinary assays for the diagnosis of vector-borne  and zoonotic diseases. For more than 2 decades, Fuller Laboratories has been an innovator in the development of infectious disease serology products, delivering unique formats in ever-increasing sophistication. Fuller Laboratories products offer the sensitivity, specificity and repeatability that reference laboratories demand.

Details can be found: http://www.fullerlaboratories.com/


Ansh Labs (U.S.A.) is a leading developer and manufacturer of immunoassay reagent test kits used to advance target discovery, therapeutic development, biomedical research, and clinical diagnostics.

For more details visit http://www.anshlabs.com/

   Meridian Bioscience is a fully integrated life science company that manufactures, markets and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits, purified reagents and biopharmaceutical enabling technologies that help deliver answers. Our products provide accuracy, simplicity and speed for the early diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions, such as C. difficile, H. pylori, foodborne diseases and respiratory infections. The details can be checked http://www.meridianbioscience.com/


Tani Medical (Turkey) – Currently the main working areas are: IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS, ANDROLOGY, IN VITRO FERTILIZATION, GENETICS.

For more information you may check: http://www.tanimed.eu

 - Euroimmun AGyour partner for the diagnostic laboratory. The company produces diagnostic test kits for Infectious, Autoimmunity, Alergy etc. diseases. The details can be found https://www.euroimmun.com/startseite.html


 - Critical Diagnostics (U.S.A.) - manufacturer of the Presage® ST2 Assay which is indicated to be used in conjunction with clinical evaluation as an aid in assessing the prognosis of patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure.

 - Euro Proxima (Germany) - Food safety is a growing concern for human health. With the internationalization of food and feed production the demand for control is increasing. EuroProxima offers a wide range of diagnostic kits for hazardous contaminants and residues in feed and food. The details can be found: http://europroxima.com/


  -  O.K. Servis BioPro (Czech Republic)  - The company provides its high-quality products together with comprehensive application, technological and technical services. You may check: http://www.biopro.cz/en/