Leading Distributor Company of IVD Test Kits in Georgia


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We Represent Verious EU and US Manufacturers of the Test Kits in Georgia


We Cover the Main Part of Clinical and Food and Feed Diagnostic Fields

Clinical Diagnostics


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We are distributing test kits in Georgia from 2001 year


Full Range of the Clinical and Food and Feed Test Kits

We offer the full range of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Tests, including the products for Infectious Diseases Serology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Allergy, Cardio – vascular Diseases, Autoimmunity Diseases, etc. 

Another direction of the company is distributing of Food and Feed Diagnostic Kits (Microbiology, ELISA, Rapid, PCR, Enzymatic, etc).


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Welcome to the new website of IRISE Ltd!

We want to inform you that our company has founded the new IVD Warehouse, which is equipped and operating in accordance with ISO 13485 and GDP Standards. The warehouse includes IVD space, where cold rooms and freezers are situated to keep the products under the required temperature and humidity. We operate in accordance with the…